From its inception in 1982, Royal Service & Rentals, Inc., has made it our goal to offer the most efficient, trouble-free services and products, combined with the most professional, accessible 24/7 365 customer service to the oil and gas industry.

With our extensive experience in the oil & gas industry both on land and offshore, Royal’s business plan and goal was that the “one-size-fits-all” motto has no place in an industry that changes as rapidly as the oil and gas industry. Early on in our existence, Royal Service & Rentals, inc. focused on customized subsea CCTV video service and underwater sonar services. Royal was the first company to use the Mesotech sonar for rig moves, P&A’s and debris recovery in the Gulf of Mexico. Since then the reputation and trust extended to us by our many satisfied customers has allowed Royal to expand our products and services to also include: Explosion-proof wireless intercom/PA systems, intrinsically safe two-way radios, single-camera and multi-camera drilling rig CCTV systems, Explosion-proof crane camera systems (Which due to its innovation in safety, was voted to “Pearl” status by Shell). Our philosophy that one size does not fit all, means that the needs of Royal’s clients are reviewed and analyzed before any service or product are provided because a customized solution will provide the quality our customers deserve.

Drilling projects differ from completion projects, therefore, Royal offers services and technology which fits the physical and personnel demands unique to either operation. Our Video & Communications division offers: subsea CCTV video services, underwater sonar services, surface surveillance CCTV systems, GPS asset tracking, wired and wireless communication systems and more.

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